Winter Weight Management

Warming Winter Soups

The winter months bring cooler temps, shorter days and longer nights, and more time spent inside.  We often become slaves to our food cravings, being inclined to eat more, and look for more energy-dense (higher-calorie) food.  To top it off we are often less active and tend to stay less hydrated.  This often gets you feeling sleepy and lethargic and gaining excess weight.

When it comes to avoiding the winter weight gain I always recommend to satisfy our appetites in healthier ways.  One meal that I consistently recommend is warming winter soups.  Delicious soups can satisfy that craving for warming comfort foods and you can load them up with veggies to pack in abundant amounts of vitamins, minerals, beneficial antioxidants and fibre.  Using bone broth as the base for your soup provides gut healing benefits along with protein content and boosts the flavour as well as being a great way to help stay hydrated.

While starchy veggies such as potato, pumpkin and sweet corn provide nutritional benefits you may want to opt for low-starch veggie soups to avoid that carbohydrate overload which can lead to weight gain.  

Low starchy veggies options include broccoli, zucchini, carrot, mushrooms, onion, leek, eggplant and tomato.  Why not skip the croutons and top your soups with some Bean sprouts for extra nutrients and crunch.  These are low in carbohydrates and rich in fibre, keeping you feeling satisfied without overloading on the calories.  

Struggling to Stay Motivated?

My other Winter Wellness go to’s to help keep you motivated and boost your spirits are: 

  • Get plenty of fresh air
  • Exposure yourself to natural light
  • Schedule regular exercise 
  • Stay hydrated 
  • and play some tunes!